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Let's concentrate on something that will have a bigger impact here. How about the fuel used?? I know each week has a theme, but I think there are much more than 5 ways to "green" your airline travel that would have a larger impact than rejecting a recycled napkin. Should I hold my breath while flying to decrease the CO2 footprint??


of couse it is very important , the earth is the place if our life is . we need to call for more people join this activity.

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A generation that understands it’s interdependence with and responsibility for the total environment.

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He may have been guaranteed a SHARE of the profits, He took a gamble and lost. but I’m certain they knew better than to guarantee that the film would make a profit.


Great post. I appreciate you bringing this forward.


A generation that

it’s interdependence with and responsibility for the total environment.

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I also think it's important to improve the public awareness.

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A generation that understands it’s interdependence with and responsibility for the total environment, and possesses the knowledge and concern to solve existing problems and prevent future environmental degradation.

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A few days ago, the Israeli Environmental Protection Minister called for a freeze on the planned coal-fired power plant

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I agree with it:it's important to raise the public awareness of the environment.

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Earth day 2011, there already are more and more people taking part in this day. Appeal: all people to protect our home earth.

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nice posting, go green. thank you

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