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You know what? this is not San Gose with all of its politicaly correctness that fit you Vcs guys. This is Israel, whice is still not too clean to be another copy pasted American suberb. This is Israel, where people are still real, even if sometimes it smells bad. That's what makes this place a one that has its own heart beat, pace, mentality. San Jose is the matrix. You can have the red pill if you want. It's less than 15K...


i live in jerusalem and over the past two months all the restaurants and bars here have banned smoking indoors except those that have a totally separate room for the smokers. The city has been giving out fines left and right and it has scared the owners into abiding by the law.
Even though I am a smoker I applaud Jerusalem's fight to ban smoking in public places.


It is interesting to see the reaction and fear to becoming or even resembling and american suburb... but this is your own government that passed this law and as such it falls under the rule of law of your own country... what good would it be a VC if there is no respect for rule of law... the wild wild west... oh sorry you don't want to look like that either - what would you call it in Israel?

Jim Buster

i'm waiting for this Title " No smoking on Earth"

When it gonna publish


Sagie, if causing cancer to a stranger is "being real" to you, I prefere the matrix anyday....


My own experience has been more positive. A couple of weeks ago I went to a bar not far from me (on Ben Yehuda in Tel Aviv) and it was completely smoke free... my only gripe was that the aircon was set to the times when much circulation was needed - it was freezing! (and I'm one of these guys who is always hot when others are shivering)

A few days ago I went to a Cup'o'Joe branch on Ben Yehuda (again, my neighborhood) and there were handwritten signs on the door to the cafe and on the glass door to the enclosed outside area - both said "Sorry, but according to the new law there's no smoking anywhere in the cafe". Seeing is believing. There were no ashtrays, and when a guy came in and wanted to light up, they politely told him he can't. He accepted it, and then ranted that they are going to lose customers because of it. The discussion that pursued was interesting, because the waitress and the barista were both saying that this is not going to happen as long as there's no smoking anywhere else (and they're right - statistics from Ireland and Italy show that business has not declined, quite the contrary).

While I was sitting there, a municipal inspector pulled up on a scooter, came in and took a look around - I could tell he was looking for ashtrays. Clearly, Tel Aviv has started to enforce this seriously. It was clear to me from the exchange of hellos that this wasn't the inspector's first visit to this cafe these past few days.

So - there's hope for us yet, Tali. Perhaps your experience was a remnant of what was, not an indicator of things to come...


P.S. I'm waiting for a ban on smoking in parks and beaches. When I go to such places to enjoy the fresh air and get away from the traffic fumes I'm not looking to substitute them with cigarette fumes. Not to mention the cigarettes butts everywhere...

Tali Aben

Looks like I need to send that municipal inspector to Israel's "rural" areas too. I haven't checked back at the local sushi/bar, but I am curious....

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