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The first question I would have asked that doctor is how secure her job is. I would not be surprised if it turns out she has tenure in some government-ran hospital.

Because I think I have the answer why you (and me, and most of us) cannot be so firm with rules keeping us away from work and why we often place work before family. In one word, it is: fear.

All of us employees, no matter how senior and how experienced and how well-paid, are constantly afraid of losing our jobs. We live in a non-secure job environment (and this is especially true in the high-tech industry). Gone are the days of job security and lifetime employment.

And this reality has repercussions on how we view our jobs. Even if it is only in our sub-consciousness, we are afraid of missing this meeting or that conference call, lest we are considered by our superiors and colleauges as lazy or, even worse, expendable.

The fear of losing our jobs, however irrational, is driving this behaviour of almost-total dedication to work and is turning the priorities of our lives upside down. Sad, but true.


Keep Shabbes!

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