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David Meyers

I share your skepticism given Israel's record of environmental stewardship of the holy land (reinforced by having jumped into the Kishon a few more times than I care to think about).

BUT in my view there are actually three good reasons to be optimistic and even excited.

1. Israel is already experienced in addressing many of the same problems that will intensify with global warming: lack of water, scarcity of energy resources, poor soil for farming, high population density etc. and it is not exposed to economic losses if the world succeeds in diversifying its energy sources from fossil fuels.

2. Israeli expertise and entrepreneurism will not only provide solutions domestically but provide great opportunities for new and existing companies that have as much potential as information technologies.

3. If/when the world reduces its dependency on fossil fuels, Israel's geopolitical situation will be improved as our oil-fueled enemies see their economic and political power reduced.

So, let's get going and make it happen!

Tali Aben

Thanks for your comments. Ed Mlavsky (Gemini's Founding Partner), has a great slide that shows that Israel has always been entreprenurial when it comes to water. The slide depicts the aquaduct at Caesaria... and not to mention the hot water solar heaters that have "decorated" rooftops since before I can remember. It's going to be interesting to take part in this rule-changing reality.

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