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What is it with everyone thinking Shai was God's gift to SAP. In the end he never amounted to much. He *never* delivered... Period. It was like ADD of development... jumping here and there. Just nuts and with no strong direction.

Don't get me wrong... I think SAP has a lot of other problems. Their products are strong but stale. Their UI is typically abysmal. Shai was working to fix some of that but not in an organized fashion. So was he good or bad? I guess it depends upon your point of view.

As for Shai and the environment... It is always humorous when wealthy people suddenly become interested in the environment. Shai used to drive a gas hogging Audi A6. Where was his Prius? Does he live in an efficient house? Does he use CF bulbs insted of those "nice" incadenscent can lights? Hmmmm...

Oh, just to dispel one more thing... TopTier was not a resounding success. As I understand it, the project was never really used. The joke at SAP was that the Portal was entirely recoded.

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