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Rebecca Rachmany

The reason we Israelis can identify one another when abroad is exactly because of this attribute. If you've ever trekked or travelled to the far ends of the earth, you will know your fellow/fella Israeli precisely by the way he/she looks at you.

Israeli in London

That is what we do, we stare, and sometime more, enquiring regarding the performance of the car, commenting on how the staree is educating his / her children and so on and so forth.

living in London it took me a long time to stop staring, and still, when using the tube I need to stop myself from staring.

Even harder in coming to Israel and being stared at... I guess it is a matter of geography.


When I was living in Germany, a local colleage once asked me whether our military service included training that helps us identify suspicious characters. When I asked her why she thought that, she replied: "You stare at people as if you are x-raying them. It looks like you are human bomb-detectors". I reassured her that we are not trained to do that, it is just that we are very curious people. I then spent most of the following week trying NOT to stare at people. It was really hard. Maybe we are not TRAINED to do it, but we are no strangers to being alert... mix this with our being 'less potite than the average European', and you can figure out the staring.

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