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A mash-up of Outlook contact info and seems to be a solution. Seriously, you already have a list of your contacts in the Outlook, now we need an intelligent way to automatically build/update SEARCHABLE profile on the people and their companies from news, blogs, resumes, homepages and other sources.

Jeff Clavier

A rich social network (LinkedIn), a good email search client (Qurb) and a good memory do the job for me.

Bises from Paris.


If possible beam your vcard from your pda/bberry/phone with relevant info in + date place of meeting (specially for big events) + rank of quality of contact


Tali, this is indeed a gap IMO. While LinkedIn cna help you expand your network, and Plaxo can help you keep contacts up to date, neither of them nor any other solution out there helps you to utilize your network more actively. I recall that a few years ago some companies in the KM space were trying to map people's expertise, so that when you search for information, you may also find a resident expert. I'm not sure how successful these attempts were, and in any case they were directed at the enterprise market, not the consumer market. Ultimately I think there's a data input issue, and garnering info from e-mails, blogs etc. can only work some of the time.


Be like a CPU with your contacts. Build them and look at them periodically. Then ping them with a frequency you choose.

There is a great book on this subject. 'Never Eat Alone', by Keith Ferrazzi. It answered a lot of my questions. Good luck!


Thanks for the inputs - my next click is to Amazon to buy that book.

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